Download and extract the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK)

Download the ASDK

  1. Before you start the download, make sure that your computer meets the following prerequisites:
    • The computer must have at least 60 GB of free disk space available on four separate, identical logical hard drives in addition to the operating system disk.
    • .NET Framework 4.6 (or a later version) must be installed.
  2. Go to the Get Started page where you can download the Azure Stack Development Kit, provide your details, and then click Submit.
  3. Download and run the Deployment Checker for Azure Stack Development Kit prerequisite checker script. This standalone script goes through the pre-requisites checks done by the setup for Azure Stack Development Kit. It provides a way to confirm you are meeting the hardware and software requirements, before downloading the larger package for Azure Stack Development Kit.
  4. Under Download the software, click Azure Stack Development Kit.

Extract the ASDK

  1. After the download completes, click Run to launch the ASDK self-extractor (AzureStackDevelopmentKit.exe).
  2. Review and accept the displayed license agreement from the License Agreement page of the Self-Extractor Wizard and then click Next.
  3. Review the privacy statement information displayed on the Important Notice page of the Self-Extractor Wizard and then click Next.
  4. Select the location for Azure Stack setup files to be extracted to on the Select Destination Location page of the Self-Extractor Wizard and then click Next. The default location is current folder\Azure Stack Development Kit.
  5. Review the destination location summary on the Ready to Extract page of the Self-Extractor Wizard, and then click Extract to extract the CloudBuilder.vhdx (approximately 28GB) and ThirdPartyLicenses.rtf files. This process takes some time to complete.
  6. Copy or move the CloudBuilder.vhdx file to the root of the C:\ drive (C:\CloudBuilder.vhdx) on the ASDK host computer.

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