Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery – Product Review

I recommend Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Software to repair corrupt EDB files in case there is an issue with Exchange Server or the Exchange Database.

Earlier this month, our office suffered a major power outage. Since the power backup did not respond in due time, the sudden power outage led to the accidental shutdown of Exchange system, and ‘Dirty pages’ in the database resulted in Dirty Shutdown error.

One of the frustrating challenges that Exchange Administrators come across is Exchange Server NOT working up-to-the-mark thus resulting in corrupt Exchange database. Typically, this error is caused due to an accidental power outage.

Troubleshooting the Exchange Database error with Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

The problem named “Exchange not accessible” is the most unwanted issue for all Exchange Administrators as business communication comes to an end in real time. Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to tackle this problem as we discovered a specialized Exchange database repair software called Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software.

Installing the software was easy. We used the Download Link on the product page of the website and followed the steps available on Installation Guide to install Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software on our system.

Here’s how we benefitted from this software:

Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface: Using a software requires proper training, which may stretch for hours, but Mailbox Exchange recovery software from Stellar provided an easy-to-work and easy-to-navigate user interface and made the repair process straightforward.

Convenient Search Functionality: This software enabled us to search for the right Exchange Database file. Sometimes, it is not easy to locate the exact location of the file then this software’s ‘Find’ functionality helps in establishing the right data in no time.

Repairs large and multiple EDB files: This software successfully repairs the EDB files irrespective of the size of the data. Additionally, it also fixes numerous EDBs at the same time.


Extensive Scan Option: We were not sure of the level of corruption in EDB files. Hence the advanced scanning option of ‘Extensive scan’ helped us in scoring better results with a little time investment. After selecting the file for repair, the software provides ‘Select Scan Mode’ option. We clicked upon Extensive scan option followed by OK, to start the extensive scanning process.


Elaborate format to preview and verify entire data: Once the scanning is complete, we could witness the EDB as a whole on the screen. This preview was well categorized into three main sections with Left pane consisting of EDB Filename under Root node; the middle pane displaying a list of recovered emails and other mail components; and when we clicked on an item in the middle pane, then its constituents are shown on the Right of the dashboard.

A far-reaching utility which recovers Deleted mailboxes: This preview also contains all the Deleted Exchange Mailboxes. Some of these mailboxes were deleted accidentally, and it was good to see all these mailboxes in the EDB file again.

Search Criteria enables searching specific email: We needed to test particular emails to validate recovered data. Here Search Criteria came in handy which allows searching as per Date, To, From, Subject, Attachments and more. Scanning displays the entire list of mail components, but by filling some details of specific emails, software eases the search process and in turn verification of mailbox data.


Saves Scanned File as PST or exports directly to Exchange Server: Repaired mailboxes are saved as PST file. We could also export these mailboxes directly to Live Exchange server with the help of Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software. Other saving and exporting options are also available including exporting the scanned file directly to Office 365.

Save and Load Scan Info: One of the interesting features which will help us in the future. The scanned file can be saved as DAT file. This DAT file can be loaded in the software even after the time gap to save the mailbox data after some time. Since the scanned data is free from corruption, we saved this scanned file at a secure location. It will serve the purpose of backup to date.

The software also generates a Log Report stating the number of repaired mailboxes and other recovery details.

Here’s the process to fix corrupt Exchange Database File

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software is easy to download and install and equally easy to work with. Its user interface lets the user glide through the functions, and the software ensures that the recovery process is performed with ease. Follow the link to get the steps involved in Exchange database recovery.

Our Verdict

The Mailbox recovery software from Stellar is one of the most feature-rich software to recover corrupt EDB files and restore all contents including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals and more. Additionally, this software recovers all deleted mailboxes, as deleted accidentally or intentionally.

Ideally demonstrated by usage, this software also issues an all-inclusive Log Report to highlight the number of Exchange Database files repaired during the repair process.

The hassle-free and quick resolution to Exchange server issues like Dirty Shutdown error, as experienced by the Exchange server at our premises, showcases the efficiency of Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software. The interactive GUI made us work on the software without prior training. The competitive software lived up to our expectations by repairing the Exchange database and ensuring NO data loss during the repair process. Also, the time taken by the software to restore the EDB file was by the size of Exchange database. It was for this Stellar software that our Exchange is up and running in such a short span.