How to Create a Remote Mailbox using Exchange Management Shell

Use below command to create remote mailbox, it will also create AD account.

New-RemoteMailbox -Name “UserADName” -DisplayName “UserDisplayName” -UserPrincipalName¬† “UserUserPrincipalName” -Alias “UserAlias” -PrimarySmtpAddress “UserPrimarySMTPAddress” -OnPremisesOrganizationalUnit “UserOUContainerPath” -FirstName “FirstName” -LastName “UserLastName”

In case User already exist in AD and Remote Mailbox Needed to enable, use below command:

Enable-RemoteMailbox -Identity “UserSAMAccountName” -Alias “UserAlias” -RemoteRoutingAddress -PrimarySmtpAddress “UserPrimarySMTPAddress”

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