Configure Outlook 2007 to work over HTTP using RPC protocol

To setup RPC over HTTP on windows XP using Outlook 2007 click on Start and then click on Control Panel then click on the Mail applet in control panel.

The mail setup window should show up:


Click on E-mail Accounts..Then click on Account Settings, click on New:


  1. The new E-mail Account Setup should come up. Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and click Next


Click on “Manually configure server settings or additional server type. then click Next:

Select Microsoft Exchange on the next screen. Click Next. On the next screen, enter the name of the exchange server, and the Username:


After you have entered the info, click on More Settings. Click on the Connection tab on the Microsoft Exchange window:


Check the dial box to connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and then click on Exchange Proxy Settings.

The Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings windows should come up:


Check Connect Using SSL only if your organization exchange server is configured for SSL socket using the 443 port. Otherwise uncheck it. Enter the information about your exchange server as the screen shot below:


After you have entered all the information, close out of all the windows, and restart Outlook 2007. Your Outlook 2007 should work from anywhere now.

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