Event ID 1025 with error code “0x80041606” when you use Outlook in online mode to search for a keyword in Exchange Server 2007

Event ID Details:-

Event ID : 1025
Category : None
Source : MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Type : Warning
Generated : <date>
Written : <date>
Machine : <computer>
Message : An error occurred on database “<storage group/mailbox database>”.
Function name or description of problem: Content Indexing received an unusual and
unexpect error code from MSSearch
Error: 0x80041606


Cause Of Issue:-

This issue occurs because Exchange Search has a query restriction of 200,000

nodes. When a prefix search exceeds the query restriction, the search returns

QUERY_E_TOOCOMPLEX. Therefore, 0x80041606 is logged as part of

event ID 1025. By default, all searches that use Outlook online mode in an

Exchange 2007 environment are prefix searches. If single digits or letters

are used, this causes the system to search for all numbers or words that begin

with the single digit or letter across the whole mailbox database. If the 200,000

nodes default limit is reached, the search returns the error.

Note The most common way to reach the 200,000 nodes limit is to search for

a word or phrase that contains a single digit or letter. There are also other less

common causes, such as entering very complex searches that have many AND,

OR, and NOT operators. Additionally, complex combinations of date ranges and

search terms, many entries in the To and From fields, or a combination of all

these things may cause the limit to be reached.


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