How To Create Send Connector on Hub Transport Server in Exchange 2007

To create the SMTP Connector in Exchange 2007:

  1. Open Exchange Management Console (ESM)
  2. Navigate to Organization Configuration | Hub Transport in the left-hand pane
  3. Click on the Send Connectors tab in the center pane, then in the right-hand Actions pane, select New Send Connector:


  4. Add a Name for the new connector (e.g. Mimecast Connectors). Also, set the intended use for the Send connector to Custom, then click Next:


  5. Select the + Add… button to create a new SMTP Address Space with the details given below:

    Ensure that the details for the Address Space are entered as follows:

    Address: = *
    Cost: = 1


  6. Click OK then select Next.
  7. Under Network settings, select the option Route mail through the following smart hosts, then click the +Add button:


  8. Select the option Fully qualified domain name (FQDN), enter the details for the first Mimecast service address as supplied by the Mimecast Connect Team, then click OK:
    North America

    South Africa



  9. Repeat the previous step to add the FQDN for the second Mimecast service address supplied, then click OK:


  10. Leave the smart host authentication setting as None by default, and click Next:
  11. By default, the server that you are currently working is listed in the Source Server page.  Select the +Add… button to choose a different Source Server and click Next:


  12. Under New Connector, review the Configuration Summary to ensure that the details are correct and then click New. This will create the Send connector and test the new connector:


    You can copy the contents of this page (and the next one) to your preferred text editor to save the Connector details.
  13. Once the connector has been tested, click Finish to close the dialog:


  14. Disable or remove any other Outbound Send Connectors that were previously used. Failure to do this means your outbound email still uses these older send connectors and is not routed through Mimecast. Any send connectors used for other purposes (e.g archiving) may still be required to be enabled.

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