Error: Object is read only because it was created by a future version of Exchange: 0.10 ( Current supported version is 0.1 (8.0.535.0)


Previewing an object experiencing the error message, we found that we were importing the msExchVersion Attribute.  This is a Direct flow, indicating that we are pulling the information directly from the Microsoft Exchange 2010 User Object.  Confirmed in the management agent that was exporting to Microsoft Exchange 2007, that we were exporting the msExchVersion value in Direct Flow.

Configure Attribute Flow – Management Agent exporting to Exchange 2007

Generating Preview of the User Object to seethe value


We were able to resolve this issue by removing the msExchVersion attribute from the Export Attribute Flow on the management agent exporting to Microsoft Exchange 2007.

If this attribute is important to you, you may consider using a management agent extension to control the version number that goes into the msExchVersion attribute.

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